About Us

Who We Are

We are an all-inclusive logistics center – the perfect partner for you if you are shipping goods in, out or through Jamaica.

Kingston Logistics Center (KLC) was established in January 2006 as a limited liability company under the ownership of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services and Jamaica Freight and Shipping Company with its offices located in close proximity to the port of Kingston. KLC has become one of the leading logistics solutions companies in the Caribbean. We are driven to provide value-added logistics services to our clients no matter the size, type or final destination of the cargo. We provide timely and reliable service through our experienced team and streamlined processes.

All-Inclusive Logistics

Mission Statement

“To provide an all-inclusive logistics solution to local and international manufacturers, commercial and private traders,  and individuals using efficient processes in a customer-focused environment.”

Leading International Hub

Vision Statement

“We aim to be the leading international hub for the Caribbean and the Americas through continuous improvement, best practices and cost management.”

Logistics Company of Choice

Company Goals

“Our company’s goals are guided by our desire to improve our reach to clients in strategic geographic spaces and improve our value-added services. This will position our business to be the logistics company of choice and thereby increase our revenues.”