Kingston Logistics Center’s Special Economic Zone status allows us to be uniquely suited to handle your transshipment needs that involve rehandling of cargo or storage while changing shipping lines or changing destination(s). With direct, frequent and quick access to markets geographically and historically linked to Kingston, we are equipped to handle all your stripping, storing, stuffing and documentation needs throughout these processes. We also offer value-added services of labelling, packaging, palletizing and shrink-wrapping where required. Our SEZ status affords you the flexibility of having cargo trans-shipped through Jamaica for the international markets free of duties and taxes. While Jamaica is a central shipping hub for the United States, United Kingdom, the Caribbean and the Far East, we are by no means limited to these destinations.



As your logistics partner, Kingston Logistics Center Limited (KLC) will handle the importation of cargo into Jamaica efficiently and without the hassle of the importer managing the process. At our warehouse we will facilitate the stripping of your container for Customs Examination and clearance with Customs stationed at our facilities to allow for pickup or delivery of cargo to your location.


If you are seeking to export goods from Jamaica, Kingston Logistics Center will facilitate this process by any mode of transportation via air or sea. We will handle your full container loads as well as your LCL cargo – No shipment is too large or small for us to process. With Jamaica’s geographical location, Kingston Logistics Center is strategically poised as the logistics hub of the Caribbean, we are the go-to entity for cargo going to, but not limited to Europe, Asia and the Americas.