Bonded Warehousing

Kingston Logistics Center’s bonded warehousing allows you to manage your expenses and inventory with the flexibility of being able to buy and ship in bulk, store goods with us at low costs and clear cargo “just in time”. Make optimal use of your working capital and enjoy cash flow advantages. With Customs officers stationed at the facilities, you have access to your cargo throughout the business hours.



Goods received from multiple suppliers are shipped to one destination, as well as goods received from one source are shipped to many destinations. Ensuring goods get to the right person at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right price. If your business needs require that a shipment from one supplier be deconsolidated and shipped to several destinations, Kingston Logistics Center will afford you this flexibility. We manage the entire process to include all documentation, repackaging and relabeling. Given our Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status, you can take advantage to deconsolidate and transship cargo to the international market without paying Customs duties in Jamaica.